Meeting Your Well Drilling and Water Supply Needs

Water is an essential need that many people take for granted. Good, clean, and safe potable water is not always just a twist of a valve away, especially if you are wanting to set up house keeping in a rural area. Other reasons homeowners may consider well water are concerns about what is being added to city or county water systems. Many homeowners are now concerned with the possible side effects of chlorine and fluoride in our water. This is why we are in business. We saw an urgency and wanted to help provide this indispensable need for our community.

Our customers are also our neighbors, our friends, our family. Therefore we want the best for you, and will strive to do everything in our power to see that our customers not only get what they need, but that you get it with the best service possible.

Located in Turnerville, GA, we are members of our local Home Builders Associations, Licensed in Georgia, and South Carolina, and also fully Insured . We offer Complete Water Well Systems; Drilled 6" Water Wells, Pump Systems, Commercial Water Systems, Residential Water Systems, Pump Sales and Service, and Hydro Fracturing for under performing wells. We are also now certified to properly install Geothermal ground loop systems for increased efficiency of your heating and cooling needs.

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Our Services:

We offer several different well related services, including:

  • - 6" Drilled Water Wells
  • - Hydro Fracturing
  • - GeoThermal Systems
  • - Commercial Well Systems
  • - Residential Well Systems
  • - Pump Sales & Service
  • - Trenching
  • - Excavating
  • - Well Abandonment

All of our fresh water wells come with casings to bedrock (roughly 70 to 100 feet in surrounding areas).

We are certified to install and service Franklin Electric submersible pumps.

While we do not currently offer any type of well water treatment, maintenance, or testing, we do highly recommend our good friends at Metro Water Filter for all of our customer's filtration and treatment needs.

Well Abandonment

State and EPA laws require wells be properly abandoned by certified personnel. Dumping unregistered fillers into a well is not only illegal, but can contaminate your neighbor's drinking water, as well as carrying heavy fines and the potential of time in prison.

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Is your well is not producing like it used to, or worse yet, has it gone dry? We have good news, you may not have to drill a new well. In most cases, we may be able to regenerate your well by a process called "Hydro-Fracturing".

Sometimes, after a well has been drilled, silt and deposits may start to build up in the water producing fractures causing a decrease in overall well yield. Hydro-fracturing is a process by which water is injected into a low yield water well at a high pressure and volume opening up and cleaning out the existing fractures found in the rock. The success rate for this process has a national average of 95%, making this fracturing process the most effective well development tool available.

While the term "hydro-frac" has been in the news lately, in reference to oil or gas wells, and its potential to contaminate ground water supplies, we assure you that our process uses only clean, pure water with no additives used. This protects your drinking water and eliminates the potential of harming this precious resource.


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GeoThermal Vertical Loop Systems:

Today's energy bills are constantly on the rise, and everyone is looking for a way to cut that cost. One way to cut your energy needs is to install Geothermal ground loop systems (also known as ground source heat exchange systems) to help increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling needs. Most of these systems qualify for state and federal tax credits.

How it works:

These systems work by transferring heat into the ground during the summer, and by extracting heat from the ground in the winter. At roughly six feet and deeper, the earth maintains a constant temperature of ±50° F. When the temperature of your house is above this 50° mark, the geothermal system will take the excess heat and transfer it into the ground, thereby decreasing the demand on your A/C unit's cooling needs. When the air in the home is below the 50° mark, the system will extract heat from the ground, pass it through a heat exchanger, thereby reducing the demand on your furnace during the winter months.

To gain the highest level of efficiency, vertical ground loop systems must be properly installed to get maximum transference of heat from or to the exchange medium. Barry Davidson has been certified by Baroid Industrial Drilling Products for just such applications. Dropping a line in the ground will not suffice. The gap between the line inserted and the global mass of surrounding earth must be bridged properly in order to realize the most efficient transfer of heat possible. Creating and installing this medium is an exact science that must be supervised by a trained professional in order to achieve the highest efficiency rating possible.

While our services are limited to the drilling and down hole installation of the ground loop system and transfer medium, we will be happy to work in conjunction with your Geothermal or heat and air contractor, or refer you to a qualified contractor in your area.

More Information:

If you would like more information on how ground source heat exchange systems work, this site has some good information - MatteR Network

Georgia offers up to 35% tax credit on approved geothermal installations , check HERE for more.

The Federal Government also offers an additional 30% tax credit on approved systems with no cap on amount. Go HERE for more information.

Still not convinced, check with your local power company or EMC to see what incentives they offer. Many will give you a rebate on systems purchased, some give discounts, and some even give you a break on your power bill. Go to for more.


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Our Products:

We carry, service, and install submersible pumps by Franklin Electric.

Go here for more information on Franklin Electric Pumps.

We also have rocks for dressing up your well head.

Another product we are proud to offer is our Geothermal Ground Loop Systems. These are systems put in place to help increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Barry Davidson is Baroid Certified to install GeoThermal systems, not all drilling companies can make that claim. Click Here for more information.

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About Us:

Davidson Well Drilling is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Northeast Georgia and Western South Carolina since 1973.

For almost 40 years, the success & reputation of Davidson Well Drilling has relied solely on word of mouth from satisfied customers.  Our drilling technicians are experienced and highly trained to offer customers the highest quality of service, for the best price.

Have we mentioned that you can Call or Email us for an Estimate.

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